It’s been a month, to the day, when I lost my grandpa. Lolo was how I referred to him.  We’re trying to adapt to our new normal, with extra care for my grandma (Lola), and their children, my mom included.

It’s been a less tumultuous month, and I just thought to create this post to remember Lolo.  Here’s the eulogy I delivered on his last night, before we had laid him to rest.


Thank you everyone for coming tonight.

I’m a hardcore believer of love stories. Stories I grew up reading and watching, made me wish for the same for myself. I grew up a witness to 2 wonderful love stories, that of my parents’, and my grandparents’. But tonight, let’s focus on my grandparents’ love story, shall we?

Growing up, I saw how my Lolo would dote on my lola. It was cheesy sometimes, but it came so natural to him. My Lolo was my picture of chivalry, he would hold my lola’s hand whenever they would walk and he would dance with her. My Lolo gave of himself, and gave so much. He loved, and I know it was because of the outpour of God’s love in his life.

I will never ever forget how my Lolo will always, always tell us apos (grandchildren) how in love he is with Lola. After we eat, he will always stay a few seats away from Lola, and when we ask him why, he will always say, I’ve always loved your Lola up close, sometimes it’s nice to look at her and love her from afar. I guess this too is very timely now, too.

Part of me who believes in forever, and who believes in the beauty (good times and bad times, sickness and health, and everything in between included) of a God-ordained marriage, has lolo and lola to thank too.

Don’t worry, Lolo, today we celebrate the love that you and Lola shared, who helped bring this whole family to life. Today we celebrate the lives you have touched, and today we celebrate the love that Jesus poured out for you, that assures us that one day we will see each other again.

I love you, Lolo, I promise we’ll dance when we see each other again.

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