Lift! – From a girl who never did

So, I mentioned something about getting fit and going to the gym in a previous post.

I have been going to Kinetix Lab for 6 months now and I am very well pleased with the progress I have achieved thus far. Unlike the other gyms I’ve gone to, Kinetix Lab is the most welcoming. I feel right at home whenever I come in for training. Unlike the others where I felt judged (LOL), I know in this place I can workout in peace.

Kinetix Lab’s main thrust is strength training, and that’s what they’ve helped me develop, through Coach Cathy, who’s been my trainer since I started. Even if my smaller goals didn’t seem to align much with strength training, she made me realize that they are all interconnected. From being beach-ready for my Siargao trip in August to completing my first Spartan Race in October, I felt I was being trained for strength in its entirety – physical, mental, and emotional strength. Most of the exercises we do are the basics to be strong (not necessarily skinny), which are all aligned with the events in the Powerlifting sport, which are: deadlift, bench press, and squats.

Once I get to know much more about the sport (LOL – never did I imagine I would even be talking about A sport ever), I’d probably write another post on Powerlifting. For now, I’ll settle with things I like about it, and what I’ve learned in my journey into it for the better half of the last year.

Lessons I have learned:

1. Know my why. Coach Cathy has reminded me to always go back to why I am doing (insert whatever “this” is here). Whether it’s doing a leg drive for a bench press or waking up really early for our training sessions, it’s the WHY behind it that makes it all worthwhile. I started going to the gym as a means to better myself, a distraction from a break-up I was going through, but more importantly to take care of myself, that I may be the most effective in whatever place God takes me. Being anchored in that WHY helps me get through the toughest of days when the bed just beckons me to stay a little bit longer. This also makes me more mindful of my movements in the gym when I start overthinking or getting frustrated when I fail.

2. The body is one unit. My body should move as one unit, and not segregated or disjointed parts of a whole. I have personally experienced how much better I can complete a round of lifts when my entire body is engaged and working as one, versus my legs or my arms relaxing and not maximizing any of the load that I was able to do. Each movement is purposeful, and while I still tend to forget this, I am reminded that no action (whether in working out or in real life) goes without consequence.

3. Consistency is key. As with everything, with enough repetition, an action becomes a habit. Same goes for working out. Results never happen overnight. They’re a byproduct of the work I put in. The more consistent I am, the stronger I become, and the easier it is to hit personal records, one day at a time.

4. Be open to failing, but get up and celebrate victories. An annoying habit I have in the gym is that I celebrate too early. When I do, I would most certainly fail the next rep (insert eye roll here, hehe). Failure isn’t taboo in the gym, I think. What I do know is that it’s okay to fail and fail fearlessly (as Coach Cathy would say). It’s all in the spirit of having fun anyway. I learned that you can never get everything on the first try. I have looked funny and ridiculous when doing an exercise, and I know I have not been able to complete a rep perfectly on the first try, but there is still more to celebrate. The mere fact that I was able to do it — or at least the attempt to do it — is just cause to celebrate. One failed rep should not ruin a really good workout day. Oh! One victory I’ve been celebrating at home is being able to lift our 5 gallon water bottles for our dispenser! Again, never imagined it would ever happen in my lifetime! LOL

5. I am my own person. This is also read as: do not compare. I realized that the more I get bogged down with the numbers (especially since I’m not really competing yet), the more chances of disappointment. In line with that, it never should just be a numbers game either. To a certain degree, numbers are important, but I realize that the more I focus on numbers, the more I risk being proud and failing just becomes too painful, which shouldn’t be the case. Just like in running a race, looking sideways will equal being sidetracked. Eyes on the goal, always. Also, aim for progress, not perfection. Progress will look different for everybody so comparison will always be futile.

In learning to be healthy and in taking care of my body, I am reminded that in all I do, I should do for the glory of the God. Never can I take credit for the strength, the grace to lift, and the patience to endure. If it were all up to me, I would have run the other way at first failure. God slowly but surely meets me where I am, when I train, when I fail, and when I have incredibly good days. Nothing feels much sweeter. 🙂

And if you are interested, visit Kinetix Lab in their Technohub and Podium Branches. Check them out on their Social Media pages, too. Vouching that they’ll have something that would be perfect for you!


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