[500 words] Hello, I am Bea.

500 words to introduce myself.

I am Bea, I turned 31 on February 25th, the eldest and only girl daughter in the Pineda-Reyes gene pool. My parents waited 5 years after getting married for me, which maybe has contributed to the matter through which they choose to show how much they love me. 😛 I am an older sister to two brothers, a first-time ninang (godmother) to a 2 year old (which I find so odd given my age and the fact that other younger officemates have too many to count).

I am a follower of Jesus, and my faith has kept me going through all the rollercoaster-like plains, mountains, and valleys of life. I believe in Heaven, and that the only way we can actually enjoy Heaven is through believing that Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the third day. His blood was the payment for my sins, and if I (or we, or whoever is reading this) truly believe in this with my whole heart, I can be assured of eternal life in Heaven. I am part of a discipleship group composed of ladies who constantly point me to Jesus. I also serve in my own discipleship group, where the ladies under me have expanded my heart to be able to love 5 more individuals beyond what I ever thought could be possible.

I am turning 10 years old in the company I chose to work for right after college, which, oddly enough, was not part of the career I envisioned for myself.  I wanted to become a preschool teacher, and only decided to give this company year of my life to test the waters and see what would become of it, but alas, I found myself falling in love with the job and sticking by it until now.  It has paved the way for me to meet friends who I will forever cherish, build teams who turned into family, and to even experience a different kind of love in the process (choose your own definition of love here LOL). I have since moved out of this old team, and now lead a smaller team, where the ladies under me have done nothing but encourage me to constantly step out of my comfort zone and pursue heights I never thought were possible. I am able to rub elbows with senior leadership and clients, which both scares and excites me, because of the proverbial spotlight on me. 

I am trying to practice work-life balance that allows me to work hard and deliver results, and at the same time do the things I enjoy. I am currently enjoying the active life, something that younger me would have scoffed at. I am able to take breaks and go to the gym at least 3 times a week, while still being able to write and pursue the life of a creative. I am on my toes more, but I feel that I am able to explore and enjoy more.

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