[500 words] Can I be your friend?

500 words to talk about friendship.

There are two ways to actually start this discussion.  I can go through FRIENDS the TV show route, and actually divulge how much of it I have binge-watched on Netflix the last two weeks.  It has been a cathartic type of white noise to accompany me in the quietness of the night or the slowness of mornings at home. I love how Monica and Chandler actually found love in the midst of the complications of falling in love with your best friend.  I love how Rachel and Ross have stayed amicable despite the chaos of falling apart, and showed that maybe true love is sweeter the second time around? I love how Phoebe reminds me that I should never stop wondering and wandering, especially when the grown ups (or the pressure of being one) seem to have taken over life. I love how Joey personifies the show’s theme song, of literally being there for every single one of his friends, and how it is at all possible to love each friend the same and passionately different all at once. 

I can also go through the route of talking about my own set of friends and maybe the journey that I have gone through to find said set of friends. 

My earliest recollection of friends would be with the kids that I grew up with from my parents’ Bible Study group. We’d be together every Friday, boisterous and unruly after dinner, but all asleep in the den by the time our parents finished around midnight. We’re all grown up now, all living our own lives, and while we keep in touch via the occasional likes and messages on Facebook and Instagram, I do wish we get to see each other more often. 

In school, I had trouble keeping friends.  My first best friend, I met in second grade, but she eventually migrated with her family to the US. We kept in touch, every so often, and even if it seems like our friendship died and resurrected numerous times, I’m glad to call her one of my constants. 

Eventually, I made another friend, in sixth grade, and we’ve been friends ever since.  She literally is the sister I never had. We started with the same love for the same boy band (LOL), and while we have finally outgrown that, our friendship has transcended the evolution of hairstyles, withstood heartbreaks and new relationships, with numerous cups of coffee on the side. 

In high school, I met my best friend, and I personally believe we were meant to be together in this lifetime and beyond. Our lives seem to have been drawn out on the same plane that key events we went through happened almost always simultaneously. We’ve seen each other grow up, plateau, and grow some more, all in light of God’s grace. It’s the no-BS kind of friendship that we all need, where I can be my most vulnerable and still know that I am loved.

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