In no way is this title an original, but it does seem very apt in this time.

I tried to talk about this on Wednesday, but I thought that 500 words wouldn’t be enough (and sorry I missed Word Wednesday last week!)

If you have been living under a rock, the World Health Organization has already declared a Covid-19 pandemic as the virus has continued to wreak havoc across geographies. In the Philippines alone, as of this evening, confirmed cases have spiked to 140 from a measly 6 a few days ago.

And it has left all of us terrified, to say the least.

There is fear of the unknown, because we really have no clue how this virus would be eradicated. It is the fear of acquiring the virus and the unknowing spread of it. It is the fear of the chaos and the hysteria that it has brought about. This fear is normal, but it shouldn’t stay. It shouldn’t linger longer than it ought to, as we have a way out.

In the midst of the chaos, Jesus reminds us that we can have faith that He is in control, and that we can hope that things will turn around for the better. It is the shift in our perspective that can allow us to breathe (within one meter from our nearest neighbor – you know, social distancing hehe) a sigh of relief.

In the midst of chaos, Jesus reminds us to submit to our authorities, or fine, the people in authority who we trust, and follow protocol. They were placed in authority for a reason, and we need to submit. Share verified information that would help inform and at the same time encourage other people.

In the midst of chaos, Jesus reminds us to put the need of others ahead of ours, because that’s one way we can all help combat this disease. I shake my head (face palming is frowned upon right now) at the stories and photos of people hoarding basic necessities, when we can all share. When we wash our hands, or practice basic hygiene, we think of others, too. We think of the elderly, the sick, the children, and everyone else who may be susceptible to this disease.

Ultimately, in the midst of chaos, Jesus reminds us to love one another. Please think of the entire community when you wash your hands, when you’re in the grocery buying things only your family needs, when you stay at home, and when you rally in prayer. God wants us to come back and remember Him. It’s a shame it’s taken this much for us to get back down on our knees to pray. I’ve been guilty as well, but maybe this is that one thing we can do to love one other in these panicky times.

If there’s one thing you ought to be selfish with, it’s the virus. Don’t let it win.

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