[500 words] Here’s hoping for the best!

500 words to talk about hope and what it is we exactly hope for in these trying times.

It is day 3 of our community quarantine, and already we are on enhanced lockdown. As of a news report I saw today, in the Philippines we have 193 confirmed cases of Covid-19. By the minute, we are all bombarded with stats, and updates, and reminders, and I must admit it gets overwhelming bordering on scary. There’s also the horrors of the law of supply and demand, and of job security (or the lack thereof). There are stories of people walking 5 hours just to get to work, and some, being forced to be away from their families for a month just to be able to work and still quarantine themselves.

I am made so aware of how real God is. Right before my eyes, I come face to face with His power and my utmost dependence on Him.  In an instant, I know life can end or start anew. I know that ultimately, it’s His call, not mine or my family’s or my government’s.  What gives me great comfort though, is that despite the uncertainties we are faced with right now, we can rest knowing that He has a plan for each and every one of us: a plan to prosper and not to harm, a plan to give us a future (Jeremiah 29:11). 

To hope in God is to quell whatever fear is in our hearts.  One of the most apt and simple definitions of fear I’ve encountered is: false expectations appearing real. What we need to hold onto right now is His word that is true and real. We can have hope that we have a good future to look forward to, despite the situation we are seeing and experiencing in the now. We can have hope that this will all end for good. 

However, we must note that being hopeful doesn’t necessarily mean we just wait for this to blow over without doing anything. We still become productive citizens of the world.  We do our work well, even when bosses aren’t looking over our shoulders, we do not shortchange the time we spend working, even if there really is nothing to do. We stay healthy and keep being creative because succumbing to learned helplessness will lead nowhere (like when you chase pavements – LOL). We do our part to fight this, even if it means fighting the battle on our knees.  We pray. We pray for the people fighting this outside – in the hospitals, in the groceries, in the offices, where they literally risk their lives so we wouldn’t have to risk ours.Pray because that’s one of the best things we can do. 

I know this sounds cliche, and it might not be something you were expecting to hear, but I do wish you stop and take stock of everything right in front of you right now. What else can you be sure of, or assured of?

2 thoughts on “[500 words] Here’s hoping for the best!

  1. “Pray because that’s one of the best things we can do.” Indeed! Let’s keep the faith. God bless your family, Bea, may He keep you guys safe, healthy,, joyful and more faithful to Him. 🙂


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