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(a)L I V E!

So where do I begin?  Let me keep this first post short and sweet.

beareyes.blog  is an attempt at keeping my mind organized.  Working full-time at a BPO company in the Philippines working cyclical shifts is enough to keep it chaotic.  I’ve always thought of writing to be somewhat cathartic, and it excites me that finally I’ve gotten the chance to start.

beareyes.blog, as I imagine it would, will be a hodge-podge of ideas that brew in my mind, from hopeless haikus, to lists of things I want to do, to photo memories of my travels, to celebrations of the simple and mundane.  It will be a door to the magically realistic world I live in.

With that, I hope you step in and follow, as I hope to touch your heart, one heartbeat at a time. 🐻